About Us


We have special clinics at Fieldstone Farm from time to time.  Brad Cutshall is one of the instructors we bring in to give us dressage clinics.  Please check in later for future offerings.  Auditors welcome.

An FEI rider, trainer, and clinician, Brad also imports horses from Sweden and Holland through Landmark Farms. His approach to training, emphasizing softness and suppleness, has been developed during almost 20 years of training with some of the world's leading dressage riders and trainers.

Interested in horses at an early age, Brad's formal training began at age 14 with four-time British Olympic dressage coach Robert Hall. His training continued with dressage experts
Belinda Nairn, Carol Olford Grant, and Kyra Kyrklund. Through these and other talented trainers, his skills and theories continue to develop.

Brad's experience in adapting training methods while holding principles constant has enabled him to achieve success with a wide variety of horses and riders. His skill in uncovering the basis of problems and treating horses as individuals enables him to formulate training strategies for his students that keep them progressing between clinics. Sound theories, realistic application, and a true love for the art of dressage make him a popular clinician throughout the Midwest.

My goal is to be the best trainer I can be...to emphasize strong basics--good gaits, happy horse. To develop a core partnership between horse and rider...make sure aids are understood from horse to rider and advance from there. To understand the rider's needs and goals, and to understand the horses' needs. To keep the horse sound in mind and body.

My goal is to keep learning...because you never know enough. To aim for the Olympic team, but not make it an all consuming goal. To maintain the standard of training and care at LMF.